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Adam Josephs

Adam Josephs is a Partner at Celerity Consulting Group LLC.  He has managed engineering projects and product organizations for over 20 years at Apple Computer, Microsoft and a variety of startups.  He is currently the Managing Partner at Celerity Consulting Group which trains and coaches organizations all over the world.  The focus of their work is to accelerate product development, entrepreneurship and organizational change. Adam has taught the subject at New York University, UC, Berkeley, Singularity University and at industry conferences. He is a graduate of Stanford University and is completing his Doctorate at Oxford University.  Adam makes his home in New York City, and is an active rugby player.

Brad Rubenstein

Brad Rubenstein is a Partner at Celerity Consulting Group LLC.  Prior to joining Celerity, his career spanned over 15 years working as a software developer and system architect at Sun Microsystems in Silicon Valley, leading technology teams at software start-ups, and developing systems at the intersection of technology and finance as a strategist at Goldman Sachs in New York.  Brad joined Celerity Consulting Group to further develop their unique approach to upgrading project team performance in a variety of industries around the globe.  He grew up traveling, and never stopped, though he currently calls San Francisco his home base. In addition to his technical interests, he is a classically trained baritone who has performed in opera and symphonic choruses, served on the boards of music festivals, produced indie films, and is an active theater producer with a passion for mentoring budding playwrights and performers.  He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley.

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