Accelerating Projects, Products, and Companies

At Celerity Consulting, we focus on execution. Our goal is to change old habits, shift the culture of your organization, lower costs, and allow teams to make solid commitments and deliver on them. This focus on transparency, accountability, and commitment—as well as the early detection of risk—is the foundation of our work.

Our clients include technology start-ups and innovative groups within larger companies. We work in a variety of industries, including software, material sciences, industrial equipment, financial services, computer systems, and semi-conductors.

We work with teams throughout the organization, including product development, sales, and executive management. These groups often span cultures and geographies. For organizations that are in the process of realigning their workforce or experiencing a shift in their markets, we have valuable experience in creating focused and effective teams, with energized morale and a clear sense of mission.

What We Do

We are focused on causing lasting changes in the behavior and culture of our

client companies. We are not interested in “dropping off” a process or strategy and expecting that will be enough.

We believe that the best way to cause change in an organization is to work with a pilot project team as they implement the tools and practices. This may be a team of senior managers organizing to hit the next quarter’s objectives, or a research and development team, operating across geographies, racing to ship the next product. Our approach allows teams to address core organizational and cultural issues that were impeding results and had previously seemed intractable.

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